(until 1:00pm)


Luxury breakfast: Fried egg on toast with bacon or salmon, croissants, luxury bread rolls,

assorted toppings and yogurt with fresh fruit 9.50 


American breakfast: Pancakes with maple syrup, fried egg with bacon on toast,

muffin and fresh fruit 11.50


Every Sunday from 9:00am to 1:00pm

full breakfast buffet € 9.95 p.p. (children € 4.95)


Fresh fruit 4.50

Organic yogurt with fresh fruit and honey 6.00

Organic yogurt with crispy granola and honey 6.50


Coffee time


Apple pie 3.95

Chocolate cake 4.50

Various cakes price of the day

Cream 0.50



Until 5:00pm


Toasted sandwiches

(white or brown)


Mozzarella, spinach and pesto     5,75

Philly Cheese Steak with roast beef, cheese, onion and green pepper     6,50

Salmon, cream cheese and fresh chives     6,00

Ham and/or cheese     5,50




Poffertjes (small pancakes) with butter and powdered sugar    7,50

Bread with Matured cheese with egg, tomato, caramelised walnut, curly lettuce and vinaigrette      7,50

Two beef croquettes on bread with butter and mustard     7,00

Goats cheese with caramelised walnuts, tomato and honey     8,50

El Nino bacon & cheese burger     12,50


Club sandwiches (with crisps)


American style with chicken breast, bacon, salad mix, tomato, egg and avocado 12.50

Carpaccio with Parmesan cheese, salad mix and Lombok sauce 12.50

Smoked salmon with cream cheese, red onion, egg, salad mix, capers and aioli 12.50


Finger food and tapas




Tatsuta — marinated chicken thigh fried in tempura batter 7.50

Datiles con bacon – dates with bacon 6.00

Beef bitterballen (deep fried beef ragout balls) 6.00

Albondigas de carne con salsa de tomate — beef meatballs in tomato sauce 5.50

Kamo harumaki — deep fried Japanese spring roll with duck 7.50

Empanadillas de carne - pasty with Argentinean beef 6.00

Yakitori — chicken bamboo skewers with yakitori sauce 6.00




Croquetas de bacalao - cod croquettes     7,00

Mejillones a la marinera — mussels prepared in the Spanish way     6,00

Calamares a la Romana — deep fried squid rings     5,50


Croquettes filled with North Sea Fish from Scheveningen     7,50




Aceitunas con ajo — seedless olives marinated in garlic     4,50

Tortilla Espanola — Spanish potato omelette     4,50

Queso Manchego — Spanish sheeps cheese     6,00

Croquetas de espinacas y queso — croquettes with spinach and cheese     6,00

Empanadillas de verduras — vegetable pasties     6,00

Nachos with spicy homemade tomato salsa     4,50

Empanadillas de queso crema y jalapeno — pasties with cream cheese and jalapenos     6,00

Crudite — raw vegetables with a yogurt garlic dip     6,00




Break bread with Aioli, hummus and tapenade 8.50

Break bread with Aioli 6.00




Pomodori (tomato) soup with fresh basil and crème fraiche 6.00


Fresh chicken soup 6.50





Niçoise grilled fresh tuna, green beans, tomato,

potato, red onion and French dressing 11.50


Caesar Romaine lettuce, pomodori (tomato), egg, croutons and

Caesar dressing veggie / chicken / bacon 11.50


Caprese buffalo mozzarella, pomodori (tomato), fresh basil and balsamic cream 10.50


Goats cheese from the oven, caramelised walnuts, Romaine lettuce,

tomato, egg, croutons and honey dressing 11.50


Surf & Turf beef tenderloin and king prawns, tomato, red onion,

Romaine lettuce and Lombok dressing 14.50


Salad with smoked salmon, tomatoes, Romaine lettuce, olives, fresh basil with a citrus dressing 11.50


Salad with avocado, tomato, sundried tomatoes, coriander,

chilli pepper with a lime mustard dressing 10.50



For the kids


Chicken nuggets with apple sauce, French fries and mayonnaise 8.50

Fried cod fingers with apple sauce, French fries and mayonnaise 8.50

Pasta with tomato sauce and minced meat 10.00




From the grill 


Javanese chicken satay with katjang sauce, ketimun pickles and krupuk udang (prawn crackers) 17,50


Spare ribs El Nino with sweet soy sesame marinade and coleslaw 19,00


Black Angus steak from the grill, served with

green pepper sauce or mushroom sauce 20.50


Mixed grill with steak, spare ribs, chicken fillet and hamburger

served with green pepper sauce or mushroom sauce 23.50


From the sea 


Plaice fillet in a crispy jacket fried in butter with lime mayonnaise    19,00


Cod fillet fried on the skin, stir-fried vegetables and mustard sauce    18,50


Fresh mussels served with two sauces 17.50


Salmon from the oven with a crispy Panko topping, stir-fried vegetables and Lombok sauce 22.50


Small sole fillets friend in butter served with lime mayonnaise 19.75


The above will be served with French fries, rice or potatoes with rosemary


From the countryside



Lasagne vegetariano with grilled aubergines, courgettes, pomodori (tomato) and cream cheese 15.50


Gado Gado dish of blanched vegetables with peanut sauce 14.50


Chef’s special


Nachos Mexicana with mince meat, kidney beans, jalapenos, corn, guacamole and sour cream 15.50


Daging rendang in coconut, lemongrass and chilli pepper,

braised beef with ketimun pickles, rice and krupuk (prawn crackers) 17.50


Ask your waiter/waitress for dishes not on the menu




Every Thursday evening Indonesian buffet

with a variety of authentic dishes prepared by chef Lantang.

"All you can eat" for € 17.50 per person.

(children up to 10 years old half price)





Tiramisu    6,00

Crema Catalana    6,00

White and brown chocolate mousse    6,00

Sgroppino    6,00


Ask your waiter/waitress for our changing selection of fresh desserts


Ben & Jerry's mini-cup 6.00

- Cookie Dough

- Strawberry Cheesecake

- Chunky Monkey